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((( Larry )))  I am so proud to walk with you on this road of recovery.  You have stayed focused  on your recovery, using all the tools that you could and sharing those with others.  I have heard it said many times that we need to be selfish in our recovery.  That we need to focus on making ourselves better and that we can’t do it for anyone else.  Yet your journey has included helping others who struggle with being a CG and we are so lucky (if I can use that word) that it has.  I get a lot of inspiration from your posts as I know do others.  Keep up the great work Larry.  18 months one day at a time.  547 days of making the pledge to be gamble free.  Of making the choice to live your life with honesty.  I am glad you have chosen to spend some if this day with us here.  Loads of love,
xoxo Laura