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Hi Larry,
Wow, you have an amazing memory and a great way of telling a story, if only there was a fairytale ending?
Firstly, well done on your 48 days, that is a fantastic effort.  As for your family, im so sorry things have turned out the way they have, i went off the rails when my father died when i was 16, and must agree that if only counselling was sought, things may have been very different, but alas, they are not.
Things happen in our lives for a reason, well, thats my belief.  I also believe that something good comes from something bad, i have learnt that the hard way in the past few months.  I remember September 11, its my birthday, so its hard to forget, but i remember my husband running in the room screaming that America had been bombed.  I cried for hours, thinking that the end of the world was nigh.
No, i was not being nosy, i do have genuine concern for each and every person here, and im so pleased you were able to write your story.  Regardless of what is happening, i take a little of each and every post i recieve and read here and it becomes a part of my recovery, so i will thank you for sharing your life.  I have to say though, i am thinking of your daughter and her little beanie baby, that bought tears to my eyes. 
I hope you get the opportunity to one day tell her your story, she may not understand, but she may gain some insight into her daddy, from what im reading here, you will be able to explain in a way she will understand. Im sure she holds some secret special memories of you underneath her hurt. 
Take care Larry, thank you for replying, if nothing else it may be a small weight off your shoulders to get it out and you may feel a little lighter today. As for me, im still fighting the good fight, trying to live every day as best i can, and the simple fact im not gambling makes each day better than the one before.  We all have our own crosses to bear, but isnt it nice to be able to come here, be accepted for us, understood and supported.  Im certainly sending you all those things.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time