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Hiya Larry,
Your honesty and openess about this addiction and your dealings with it makes for a very interesting read, i do really enjoy it.  I think we all have our own way to deal with compulsive gambling and i for one believe that whatever works…do it.  We are all different, and have our own ways of coping, i for one, do not attend GA, not because i am embaressed, i have been to several meetings but have found that the GA way is not for me.  I really admire people, one being my sister, who live by the 12 steps and i have seen it work with my own eyes.  Personally, for me, it is not something i have delved into, i am making my own way, as are you.
I think we all benefit from each other here, i dont think i would have ever self excluded if not for this site, i hadnt thought too much about it before coming here, although i did attend gambling counselling a few years ago and when it was mentioned i freaked out.  Not ready? I think so.
I am glad you have spilled your ‘secrets’.  I dont think you should feel the need to withhold anything here, i take what i need from each post and move on.  You are moving forward Larry, and if you can go into a casino without gambling, well, more power to you.  I know i could not do that, but then, i am not you!  I have had your feeling of doing this too easily, but in reality i think it shows the readiness to change, the willingness to accept what we are and deal with it.  I know for me i had simply had enough and i was more than ready to give gambling the flick.  Take me back 2 years ago and there would be no way.  In saying that, my guard is constantly up, and i like it that way.  Im not going back, and from reading your posts, neither are you.  Well done.
Take care, bye for now, Kathryn xx 
 Life is about falling….living is about getting up!