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Hi, my name is Larry and I am a Compulsive Gambler, I placed my last bet on the morning of August 13, 2009.  This not only refers to a bet I placed at that time, but with the help of my 3 G’s, God, GT and GA, it also refers to my very "last bet".
I tried countless times in the past to rid myself of the compulsive aspects of my gambling only to "slip", or FAIL, each time.  During these past attempts I tried to do it by myself using poorly though-out reasoning and elusive plans and schemes.  I have no idea how long ago my "start date" for recognizing my problem and trying these novel ways was; ways to control my gambling and not to end it. I do know that on the morning of Aug 12th, I used Google to seek out a better way.  I found Gambling Therapy, read a few post, saw hope, and signed up.
A few hours later on that very evening, I went out and "celebrated", foolishly thinking that
since I started a recovery program that I could gamble and control my actions; I slipped. After that all-night disastrous binge, following through into the next morning, on the afternoon of Aug 13, I came back to the GT site and searched deeper and with a more sincere and determined mind set. I met a lot of others here and was introduced to Gamblers Anonymous. Since that day, my "official start date" 90 days ago, and my first meeting at GA a few days later, my Fellow Gamblers have not failed me nor have I slipped again.
Using methods that work, and depending on others while adhering to a strong and daily commitment, My Daily Pledge, strengthen by the help of God, I was able to put gambling behind me. I was able to start on my journey, not going away from my compulsion, but rather heading toward a brighter future.  Once on this path, my journey opened my eyes to a renewed relationship with God and to other aspects of my life that was in need of repair. As stressed in GA, we have to "work the steps" every day, using these tools for both our recovery and for other self improvements; to depend on prayer and meditation, not just ourselves, to return to a much better and gambling free life; and, to do it One Day At A Time.
The help and encouragement I have found here is immeasurable.  The topics with all the discussions and feedback concerning ways to stay gambling free may differ between each of us and individual practices and beliefs may change from time to time, and may even deviate from the principles of the different help groups, BUT, this stuff works; it keeps us aware of our needs and goals; it keeps us on a progressive march (even during various slips or detours it always keeps us going in a forward direction); it gives us the help we need and allows us at the same time a possible means to help others; and, if we continue to use it, will give us back the life each of us deserve.
At the begaining of this post is my "90 Day" key ring from GA, and like my other ones from past milestones, it may look empty but it holds the keys to my success.  I have to use these keys to unlock the locks, but I need each of you to help open the doors so I accept this offer: "…And so my weary gambler friend, please take this hand that I extend.  Take one more chance on something new,  Another gambler helping you", and extend the same in return.
In closing, I take the hands of all my Fellow Gamblers and make my Daily Pledge – I shall not gamble today.
Larry"Day Two Is Now, Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will not have to relive a Day 2.