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"Reasons To Quit" vs. All the reasons why!
There is a song that claims "all the reasons for quitin’ dont outnumber all the reasons why", it also list a few of the "quitin’ reasons" and acknowledges the fact that they do get bigger each day. The addictions to quit that are sang about does not include gambling, but although gambling is not mentioned it fits in just the same. In the song the characters fail to grasp the need to quit, they just keep "… Havin fun and never thinkin’; Laughin’ at the price tags that we pay; and, we keep roarin down the fast lane like two young men feelin no pain …". These addicts know of the problems and the consequences caused by their addictions and I believe that they actually feel the pain it causes (they just "keep roarin down the fast lane like two young men feelin no pain"), they just choose to keep on their destructive path. 
I am telling myself the things below because, although I post a simple pledge each day and even encourage others to do so, I feel that some days the simple effort might be from habit – -or more precise out-of-habit; the habit part is not bad. I have added a few words from time to time to change it up, or I may comment on other pledges; and, I read all the post for that day – noting the days-free notations and different styles that shows them to be a concentrated effort. This does help keep my post a concentrated effort as well, but my writing these analogies of travel below (they are to long for my occasional comments in the Daily Pledge thread) makes me more aware. Thanks to all who may read it, and I hope that you may also get something out of it.
Fortunately for me the reasons to quit finally outnumbered all the reasons why and I was able to put gambling’s fast lane behind and go forward on a normal path toward the real me. There are a lot of forks in the road, but I know that they all lead to a dead end. And at each crossroad I have to decide which direction is best for me; do I keep going forward or do I venture off in a different direction, or even perhaps turn around and return to a fork thinking that it may have been a good route after all?  I do not have a road map for my journey, only a destination in mind. True there are many travel guides and road sighs with warnings of the road conditions or distant attractions, but what actually lies ahead is not shown. I have to continue on my journey using what I can trust the most; my knowledge of the detrimental past and faith in the direction that I have been traveling, so I choose to go forward – I again choose and pledge not to gamble today.
On my path there will be pitfalls and bumps in the road; but as long as I continue on my forward journey and deal with these obstacles as they arise, and not try to avoid the difficulties that they present by returning to the false and fleeting comforts of my past mistakes, I will still be progressing. There will also be detours, but these charted deviations will only help me, if I follow them and not plunge ahead into the pre-warned-of troubles.  And, if I do reach a section of the road that a detour should have been posted, I will have to travel that part in a more cautious manner, keeping in mind all of the safety measures I have been taught.
So for me, I have put gambling’s road to destruction behind me and will keep on going forward.  And like the AAA is there for automobile trouble , my GGG is here for me when I run into recovery troubles. I am also reminded in today’s "Reflection for the Day" to remember that any success I have today is not mine but God’s? for:

“Nothing is enough to the man for whom enough is too little,” wrote the Greek philosopher Epicurus. Now that we’re free from gambling, and are building our self-respect and winning back the esteem of family and friends, we have to avoid becoming smug about our new-found success. For most of us,success has always been a heady brew; even in our new life, it’s still possible to fall into the dangerous trap of “big-shotitis.” As insurance, we ought to remember that we’re free today only by the grace of God.

Today I Pray
May I keep a constant string-on-the-finger reminder that I have found freedom through the grace of God – just so I don’t let my pride try to convince me I did it all myself. May I learn to cope with success by ascribing it to a Higher Power, not to my own questionable superiority.

Today I will Remember
Learn to deal with success. 
God’s speed to all my Fellow Gamblers on our joint, yet individual, journeys.

"Day Two Is Now, Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will not have to relive a Day 2.– 11/18/2009 6:30:33 PM: post edited by paul315.