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Good evening Larry,
I have finally had the chance to stop by and read most of your thread.  To thank-you in person so to speak for you unwavering support, considerate comments and inspirational thoughts.  Congratulations on your 90 days, you have worked hard to be where you are and so deserving.  And so I will quote your earlier quote "…And so my weary gambler friend, please take this hand that I extend.  Take one more chance on something new,  Another gambler helping you",
Thank-you Larry, from the bottom of my heart, for extending your hand to this weary gambler.  Thank-you for the honesty with which you post. 
I feel the same as Kathryn, that we each must find our own way, our own path, but the guidance and information provided by all our friends here at GT can help give us the tools to navigate our own way.  I am glad that you share your true thoughts with us all.  Your kind nature shines through in your posts on my thread.  I’m am truly grateful to have met Larry.
May your sleep be restful tonight Larry. I am thinking of you.