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Hi Larry:  Heartiest congratulations on your four months of gamble-free time.  Or should I say four months of really living?  It is a wonderful achievement.
Thank you for your post on my thread … I enjoy your thoughts and discoveries.  I honestly had not thought of the point of no return in the context that you shared.  But you’re right, there is a positive point of no return as well … one I may have reached in what seems like an endless journey.
Last Monday, when I felt like a spectacular failure, I had a moment of acceptance.  Acceptance that this is my journey and acceptance that it is my willfulness that has made my journey so hard.  So, now I go forward knowing that every decision I make has an impact on this journey.  I choose daily whether it will be a good experience or a bad one.  I got a great deal from your post a few days ago about patience with the one day at a time process.  It is so very true.  It’s the immature, need for immediate gratification of this compulsion that makes us so impatient for change.  So, now I will try to slow down, to be grateful for each, single day that I don’t gamble.
My husband and I just had another argument about money.  This has been going on for a few years.  Gambling is not the cause of our financial stresses … being entrepreneurs is a risky proposition, especially these days.  But had I not gambled (actually had WE not gambled), the stress would have been that much less.
One thing I have only recently acknowledged is that gambling is certainly not enjoyment for me.  It is sickening and stressful and soul destroying.  I hope never to forget that in the frenzy of urges.
Keep going on path … you’ve certainly turned out to be a great leader on this forum.
All the best.
RG  This moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.