Hi ya Looby, I would suggest that maybe you send an email or letter to OW at GH, to forward to your son. I dont know if they are still in contact but I would think after this disappearing act he is more likely to contact OW before you.
Rock bottom is an awful place but for me it was a place I never arrived at until after I’d done all the desperate acts and pathetic behaviour. A place I went to in my head. Sleeping in a field, ******** and going to prison might be something that others percieve to be my rock bottom, or even what I done at New Year. What I know to by my rock bottom is when I had no where to turn and no means to escape by gambling, the solitude of a desperate man. I had to face my demons I had to think how I ended up in that position, always always the answer was the same gambling. To be frank Looby he wasnt at rock bottom when you went on holiday what with payday around the corner, he was in cloud cuckoo land. Maybe if he has no payday this month reality might bite. He might realise that he has arrived at rock bottom, with a payday looming he might think he has another chance to win things back to normal! However twisted and pathetic that sounds it is how we think at such *****.
I dont know if you ever read the book No Big Deal by John Coats, I think now would be a great time for you and mr. looby loo to read it. He descirbes addiction with such clarity from the addicts side. It has been a valuable tool in my recovery and both my parents were gobsmacked by it, it has certainly helped them both.
See you soon. Geordie.
 I dont gamble.