velvet thank you for caring, honestly thank you a alot .
I hope i had good news to give you as an upadate but things are a bit difficult now .
Nomore and jilly thank you very much for your replies to me , i read them on the right time but sorry for not answering i feel a liitle bad this 10 days forgive me for that but both your replies helped me alot .
velvet  i just learn and other lies , he told me lies and i cought him . no he dont gamble he is free .lies in our life time at the present.  We dont talk for 10 days now only a polite  behaviour. 
i spoke with his therapist on the phone , he can understand me and he said to me that my silence is the most difficult sitouation for my cg to handle with but he thinks that is the right thing for me  to do. He thinks that im very strong and wise woman but he belives in my cg . He told me  when o storm finish there is a sunchine . I told him that if a sunshine comes i hope i still have the **** to recognise it . I told him to make his best for my cg but i dont know  , where i would be when the sunshine will come.
I m at work . im running and i m with my daughter i dont want to care for nothing else . I i m not the type of person who can handles lies and lies and  lies  .
i understand very well what is addiction and what is addiction bahaviour V I understand the reasons for the  mistakes . But i m struggling now ….
it is hard now velvet…….. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
thank you all very much– 21/5/2013 6:23:22 µµ: post edited by ell.