I just read your post and have tears in my eyes. You cannot imagine how well you can read me , If I you were near me I would give you a big and a tight hug . Only my mother can understand me so well and I feel you are my mother this time in my life.
You are so special woman velvet , wise and you have a talent.
I’m reading your post again and again and everything on my mind continuously changes , It is like you pushed Again Velvet the button which gives me power and strength to stand up immediately with no special effort  .You just did it .I feel that you made me find again  my forgotten self.
It has been along time that I have not thought of my boxes and made me realize that ultimately is a new birth for my own self too.
I feel the power and the feelings of your words. You broke my silence again …and
the feeling I have now is that I want to hug you and I want to hug my cg too  . I want to give him  a smile and a hug to move on .
thank you velvet you are a fantastic woman