***** my dear dear Monique
When I found this sait  I cannot forget that you were the first person who give me a warm welcome and told me that I’m in the right place for support . Velvet and you were my first posts.  When I read your post I was thinking “”” please god I need that to be true i need support “”
And it is true …here with all of you I have all the support I need and more than that. You are a wonderful person Monique and you cope very well and your cg is your son not a husband and I believe deep inside me (no one can change me this thought  ) that when a cg is your own child things are tougher  and harder than a husband cg (my opinion) . When your cg is a hb you do whatever you can for help but you always know that you can change him.lol
 That is why I respect very very much the mothers of cg . When I start reading the forum my choice was to read first the posts with the mothers because I thought that I have to find inside me the power like mothers to help my cg . That I must try see him like my child and help him. Thank you for helping me Monique to do that . You are a wonderful and caring woman.
Yesterday , when I read velvet post I left , I went home ,it was late,  my child was sleeping and  my cg came near me when I was in the baby cot looking my daughter sleeping . He was so afraid almost terrified …..and I gave him a smile  and he hug me immediately  and he was trying to breathe .He couldnt breathe . He felt so relieve, I know it . He couldn’t stand any more the silence. And he couldn’t find a way how to speak…
We are still in the journey until something new happens Again …………..
With all my love ell