My update
***** all my friends
Here in Greece we had Easter.  So for 4 days we had holidays with no work at all. That was very very good for me. So I spent all the 4 days with my daughter with walks and teaching her so many things.  I’m so happy for this. She smiling at me and I’m so happyyyyy.
My cg is doing ok he is still free from gambling. His recovery doing well. The 4 days helped our relationship too.  He got his monthly payment   at 01/05/2013 in his account. When he takes his salary   I have all the codes and transfer immediately all the money to my own account the same day. The new for me is that this month I didn’t do it. I did not transfer the money. I told him that I will do it …tomorrow. he asked me once  and I  told  him: tomorrow yes I will remove it but I didn’t . Today is 08/05/2013. For eight days his salary is in his own account. He never took a euro from there. I think that was a lesson for him and for me to see how accountable is now with the money and our debts.  Anyway I’m glad that the money is in the account but I will transfer them now and maybe the next 6 month I will do it again for check.
My dear velvet Good afternoon to you too, today I’m at work but I’m full from my daughter.
With all my love ell .
***** livsg123
I m so sorry for not see your post on my thread because I was on holidays. I want to say to you a warm welcome here in GT site. I can feel you and understand you so good. Here you will find help and support with no judging at all. You are in the right place for you. I know that you post me 01/05/2013 and no one saw it because it was in my thread. Please make a new post in this forum with your name on it and you will meet all our members and of course you will meet velvet.  I don’t know how to do it for you, sorry.We will speak very soon.

Welcome livsg and don’t forget how strong you are. With all my love ell