My Dear Ell,
I am so glad you posted today. I am a little more comfortable posting on other’s threads now, so I want to tell you something because It is important to me that you know this:
Yours was the first thread I read when I discovered this sight on 5/1/13,  and it was because  livsg123  had mistakenly posted her first cry for help on your thread that day – so you were at the top of the list. I call that a "God Thing". Have you ever heard that term? (I hope  livsg123  gets her post moved to F&F,  or starts her own thread, and I hope she comes back soon.)
Upon arriving here at this website that night I was in a very sad place in my heart:  I’d had a very rough day (rough month really), and I was skeptical that anything could help. 
I had other matters demanding my attention that night, and I might not have even spent much time here but for two things:
   1)  I was desperate and feeling frantic to find some answers. 
 And … what glued me to the screen … 
    2)  your truly amazing ability to express your thoughts and emotions about your experiences so clearly and eloquently.  
  Ell  –  in my dire emotional state that night it almost felt as though I was reading about ME.  You  were telling what,  in so many ways,  felt like MY story,  but you were speaking with a clarity and insight that I do not possess.   
This is not meant to take anything away from your story, because it is yours alone – not mine.  But so many of the things you said over the months hit so close to my home that you have unknowingly (until now) landed in a special place in my heart.  (ha – that’s my first time to use one of those thingys)  
I have drawn a great deal of strength, courage and hope from your posts – and the gentle but ever wise guidance given to you (and all of us) by our dear Velvet. 
So, I just wanted you to know that YOU have made a difference in my life.  (these things are cool!) I hope you are smiling too…
 "… should I give up or should I just keep trying to run after you when there's nothing there?"  Adele