My dear Adele ***** and welcome!
Thank you very much for your kind words.  And yes I know very well what is “God Thing”. I felt the same when i came here .

I’m very sorry for not answering you on time ….but I want you to know that my thoughts are with you .  I m posting now something quick  because as you read for me, my big problem in my life is time , but promise I will post you soon.
I can imagine that you already read a lot in the site and that your knowledge now is stronger than your first day 01/05/2013. Please keep reading.  You will feel the point that you will feel ok . And the clicks are so many believe me.  
My only advise for now is please separate the addiction from your hb there are two different things I think that you already know that but   of course separate you from the addiction problems .
 Make yourself stronger and stronger every day, the knowledege is here, please take it and you will become very strong and you will find the way how to win all the bad feelings inside you.All the years you had your self on "diet" please now give your self the "food" that is needed .Take care your self first , you deserve it. I can understand and feel everything I’m reading in your posts and I will be back soon. The food is the knowledge adele and the open ears, keep reading and listening and you will fell the deference.

You have a very strong profile Adele I believe in you, start believe to yourself too you are a strong woman !

I think that that night that you met me was very hard for you but I think now with your knowledge things will be with baby steps better and better every day .  Do not forget yourself me dear Adele.
It is an honor for me that I know  you now ……I m sending you my cyber hug .
With all my love ell