I want to say thank you  twilight no more jenny and adele for your answers . All helped me a lot . Im sorry for not answering in the right time but I have big problems with my work now .
Velvet  I want to say that im ok  ….i have a little difficult time with him but not have the time to solve it . That is hard but no time now for his problems I have very big problems at my work  and he respect it .
My cg told me with his words::
“””””I don’t need to go to the counselor anymore and exactly never needed.I know it inside me that I never needed.  From the first day I said that I stopped and that is the true.  And the counselor told me that  if I believe that I’m going to him and pay him for helping to stop my addiction is wrong because I don’t have problems with the  gambling  and exactly from the first day that you found it out  I don’t have problems . But I’m going and I will still go because I cannot help you with the “if “ you always have. You cannot believe that I don’t need a therapist and I’m  not asking you to do it  so I will keep going for you and maybe I find something else for myself with the meetings  and give you the time you need too  to realize with baby steps that I don’t need the counselor every week .
That was his words . I m a little anxious , I don’t know were is the true in his words . I know that I have to think a lot to find the true in my own head and that is the problem with my cg . He believes that im not trusting him so what ever he say to me for the meetings I will be anxious .   I told him that  I need toi think a lot and yes that makes me anxious and I m not ready to  talk about it now because we have problems at work .
That is my case now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Thank you all very much