The counselor feedback was :
The last sessions were difficult with no progress. The counselor found out some lies or secrets that my cg never told him and  asked him, (i dont know what the therapist found)  so the last meetings were hard  because the attitude of the counselor was different now .   
The counselor said :
My cg just wants to let pass the time and everything will just and simple go away. My cg cannot realize until now that he must do things except waiting the time pass. My cg cannot realize until now that is not only that he doesn’t gamble. His recovery is something more than that. Now he has some steps back my cg . But he said that we need time and patience .
I told the counselor that I know all these from the first day. I know that my cg is going to the therapist because I said it. I know that he doesn’t realize everything that happens in a meeting ….but I said him as long as I am with him he will not stop the meetings and I hope I believe I pray that someday he will understand that the meetings are for him and not because he is doing a favor to his wife. That is what my cg told me.
I asked him if he wants another counselor. And he said to me no he is very good and im ok with him I don’t need a new one.
But velvet I know that the counselor is very good with knowledge and I know that my cg interprets things that the counselor says. My cg is a flat mind.
I Don’t know what to think ….i m trying to think. I left for a month his salary in his account and it is still there. But I’m anxious because he told me that I don’t trust him and I cannot see that he never took the money from his account. and im afraid that what if all that are on purpose . He kept him self from not taking the money so I will give him my trust and tell him ok  kept the money and ok stopped the counselor . I m getting crazy with the ifs
I m thinking and thinking
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