vevlet thank you very much … i just saw your post .
it is a quick post now because i have problem in my work …but soon enough i will post you all the details . yesterday we had a talk and yes it is my word against his yes i believe he took it and yes he is saying to me that he didnt  but he cannot prove it . i discuss with him the new model of trust that i want to have in our marriage because we dont have another option . we can  not have the relationship we had before …i just cannot have the same relationship …that relationship is dead and the trust of that relationship is dead too . We can have a new relationship and a new model of trust . That is good for him and for me . I told him everything and i told him if he can not follow in this i can not do anything . I can not forget i just cant and i told him not to except me to do that im a human . If he want me to forget i told him that he must heat me in the head and have amnisia . I can and im trying to lock all this in a box behind . But it will be there the box and because i dont want to open the box neither him we must together find the model to not allow it . i will write yoo soon enough velvet sorry i have a client now …..