the topic closed velvet that is i m writing here now . i need to tell you this :  im  36 years and my life needed from me to act like a man . my family problems and my work problems needed me to "" be "" like a man ..work 2 and 3 jobs since i was 14 years old  untin now . i was child and had 3 heart operations and i did it ….i know i can handle problems like a man i know i can but i dont want it  any more . to my husband i found safety and love  …he was the man and i was the woman for the first time in my life …i NEEDED velvet this so much ….and i believe it to him that i m safe emotional with him ..and he was really very good to all …and when i found out that is a gambler i feel now that i must take the control again ..keep my eyes open ….try to find soloutions for me my dughter try to help him because he want it …. and that is hard for me again  …i know i can  handle it but didnt want to happen …i do need my husband  give  me safety  but is ruined ….
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