i won a new life

Hi Ell, I read your story- I give you my thoughts as u have been openly willing to offer me support. I help u try to understand what your husband has done as a cg. For me it started innocent-looking for entertainment I assume for your husband the same but I can only speculate. After the first deposit and loss u accept and deposit again, after the second loss you don’t accept and want your money back. the only way to get it in a cg mind is to deposit more money, play higher stakes and chase your losses- this can quickly spiral out of control ($10,000 in 3 hours for me I chased to broke) When the demon took control the money didn’t seem real it was after the fact when my balance was at $0 reailty started to set in, I was done. I felt depressed/ashamed/guilty. I am sure your husband feel’s the same. It is not just his Gambeling to make him feel guilty but the loss of trust from you. Time heal’s all, and I hope your relationship/communication with your husband can be rebuilt to what u had before the gambling. Important for you to have control of the finances and make sure he pays his debts with any money u give him. I am divorced but my divorce was nothing to do with money or gambling, money did not matter my family did, but lack of trust and communication in my relationship with my x-wife led to diffrences we could not resolve without separation. You are a strong, caring, compastionate woman, with your strength and your husbands commitment I believe your family can be healed stronger, with more trust ,leaving this experiance as just a mear scare in the past.– 2/1/2013 2:14:53 AM: post edited by I won a new life.