Hi Ell,
You are such a sweet person, so full of love and pure goodness. You really have been through a lot with your husband’s gambling and you are still suffering from the aftermath, the debt still ***** to be paid and it is affecting your family’s life. No one can be expected to just accept that lightly and just
move on like it didn’t happen. You have every right to express your feelings to your husband. Your doubts are legitimate and all family and friends have them. It comes with the territory with the lies and manipulation we believed in the past, only to be crushed when confronted with the truth. The hardest part I believe is letting go of trying to make the cg make their recovery work. It really is futile and the best way to get a family healthy from this addiction is to focus on one’s own recovery, it ties in with the family. There are no easy solutions but getting the support you need for your happiness and your children is what matters the most. Just because a person is your family, it doesn’t give them the right to abuse chances given of should they always be excused. This is called abuse and there always should be a line that should not be crossed. You are doing in incredibly well XXXTwilight(I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)