***** , Im at work and im running a lot in here …but I will like to say a thank you …
Thank you   very much Larry for posting me.  Thank you for your help, I need it , and I appreciate  it . I will look all that you told me to look.  I will keep saying that you are a remarkable man and your post give strength to all (Cg and non Cg) Thank you .
Twilight *****oooooo Nice to meet you too. I learn so much from your posts. We will speak soon. I want just to say that it was very nice to see you on my thread. You are very very very strong girl, you cannot imagine but you are an inspiration .
Berber so nice to meet you. I can totally say that your posts help me too .we will talk soon. And you know the word filakia lol  ….im sending you all my love and filakia . Stay strong ! we can do it ..We can fix our lives we own that to our selves first.
Sosad..i like the new shoes lol..Spoke to you soon you are not alone.