Dear Marlene
You know I would remember you. I am so proud of you posting again, I know it isn’t easy.
GA can work and does for many, many people. 
Dear Marlene – leave your foot off the gas and look after you and your husband.   You know all there is to know about enablement and you probably do everything right as a way of life now.  Have a look at our Friends and Family topic forum underneath this forum, if you need reminding about enablement but I’m sure you don’t.    You did all there was to do for your son and he was aware of the sadness he caused you.   He wouldn’t want you to feel that sadness and I am sure that and a desire to be gamble-free is why he is going to GA.  
We can ask no more of our sons Marlene, than to be aware, to seek recovery and to look after themselves.   Your son is doing all of those things.  
You say there is so much to tell and I hope you will write again soon.   
Velvet xx