Hey Marlene, It’s great that you found the courage to post. Im sure no one from GA will take offence at your question.
It’s a hard question to answer almost impossible. I have many friends who live a life of recovery purely down to GA, some 16 years and some 30 years clean.. It can & does work
For me, I went to GA and it wasn’t enough, As you maybe aware I went into rehab which has proved its worth.
The only person that can really say GA is enough is someone who embraces GA, if however there are issues that GA cannot deal with then there is counselling available, a Mix of GA & Counselling is a powerful tool
But the only person that can truly answer this is the gambler themselves, we know in our hearts if we need more, we know if we are trully commited.. no one can say it for us
Take Care & please keep posting
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