Thankyou shelly5 I really can not believe ive let it happen again. I know the pattern I know i’m going to get hurt yet when he comes home we don’t even discuss the issue. I just feel relieved that he is safe , then in a week or two I bring it up, yes IT the dreaded why have you done it again and once again I get the answer ” if you made me happy and stopped going on I woulden’t gamble” . All his family have known even before I met him 18 years ago I have asked them to help me in the passed with the reply No . So he has no family or friends only me and my family!!!! But now my family are getting annoyed with me and say he is making a fool of me. Which I know they are right, I really need to be strong! I have felt a bit stronger today and realised I have given my all and helped every way possible. It is up to him but passed experience when I stay strong he just moves on to another woman moves in with her. When he realises he loves me he comes home and I am none the wiser about the other woman until months later. By that time iv’e grown to fall back in love with him and tell myself that we were split up when he moved on to his other woman. So as you can imagine now it’s been 6 days since he’s left it’s not .only the thought he has blown all our money, it’s the thought he is charming another woman and blaming me once again. I am sorry for the rant, and sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.Take one day at a time.