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Dearest Jess
You have supported me and so many others on this forum and I will miss you very, very much. Suffice it to say your seat in the group room will always be there and there will always be a warm welcome for you.
You have taught me many things and I have benefited from the experience of knowing you.
I understand your reason for leaving the forum and I am sorry that it is so. If ever you need any help that this site can give you then the helpline is always there one-to- one, private and confidential and I will keep hoping that one day the door of the group will open and you will be there which, as you know, offers the same privacy. 
I wish you so much happiness in your life – you deserve it. You have risen above adversity and shone – you are amazing.
Thank you for saying goodbye. I am so sorry it is so but you have kept your counsel well and I admire you for it.
With loads of love and thanks as ever
V ************************************