Hi Adele!
Thanks for your prayers. Badly needed and much appreciated!
Hope you got through the weekend without too much trauma.
All I can say to you is that you are in the right place here in GT. As a CG, I know that there is NOTHING that anyone can do to stop a loved one gambling until he/she is ready to admit that they are powerless over their addiction and are ready to seek help themselves. During the "waiting period" a lot of destruction takes place and many people are affected.
Never give money to your CG. Never allow yourself to be manipulated or threatened by him. Always listen when he tries to explain his fears and when he looks for help but take his promises with a grain of salt.
CGs are Masters of our "trade" and we can fool others up to the white of their eye!
Action speaks louder than words! CGs are good with words but our action don’t always measure up to our spoken promises.
Keep the lines of comminication open. Gambling is a lonely disease and most CGs I know are scared stiff of what lies in store.
Keep posting! Keep praying!
God bless!