Hi Adele
I loved your post.  
How you feel is more important than anything.  All first F&F posts start with information on the CG but behind that CG and writing that post, is someone who has taken a metaphorical beating and ***** healing.  
Ban negative body language from your vocabulary. 
If you are concerned about being over-weight don’t become a slave to scales – if a weigh-in makes you feel a failure all day – break the habit.   Live in the present – today is the only day that ******.   Don’t buy jeans or dresses that will fit you when you lose weight but wear clothes that you love and fit you now.
You deserve respect and kindness.   Don’t use food as an excuse or exercise as a punishment.   Look after yourself.  I am sure you have a captivating smile that has not been seen nearly enough recently – dig it out – try it in the mirror, I am sure it is amazing.
Stick post-its on your mirror that will give you a boost – who else will greet your every morning with ‘smile you are wonderful’.   Remind yourself daily of how good life can be.
Find new focuses – worrying about CGs all the time leads to self-destructive feelings so getting busy as you have started doing is good.    Pursue interests that make you feel better.   The more interesting you feel the more attractive you are to others.  
You can’t always control what happens to you but you can control how your react.   Patience is not easy for me either but sometimes it is necessary.  Allow time for others to change and adjust to the new you.   Seize opportunities and focus on daily pleasures.  
Avoid making a catastrophe out of something that is not the end of the world.   If something worries you, step back and ask yourself if it will matter in a few months time and write it on here.   Get it out of your head where it will fester if it left.
Make all your positive changes last and last but not least – keep posting.   What did you achieve today?