Dear Adele
I am running out of time today but I have to post to you because you are doing so well – not only are you ‘growing as a person’ but you are supporting others brilliantly.   You deserve the nice accolades you have received so believe them – or else!   I’m not sure who else is but she sounds a positive person.
Your husband has ‘done’ something positive instead of talking about it so tomorrow hopefully you can relax and have the wonderful silver wedding anniversary you wanted.   Who ***** Hawaii when you can have a round of golf and a nice dinner anyway?   No answer is required!
So just for ‘today’ Adele, which is of course the only day we need to concern ourselves with, you are feeling happier and more confident.   My message is short and simple therefore ‘keep going and doing what you are doing because it is working’.   Well done.
Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Adele on their Silver Wedding Anniversary.  I will raise a cyber glass of glorious cyber champagne to you both.