Hi Twilight
A very Happy New year to you. 
I love Kathryn’s post to you. I read it after I had posted to Dawn and I feel I was (and am) saying the same thing. 
Educating ourselves is a life time quest I think. To believe we have arrived at the ultimate state would make us pretty boring. It is easier for F&F to recover from the experience of living with the addiction to gamble than it is for those who own it. To keep educating ourselves though and (as Kathryn said) to keep the quest for happiness alive is something we can all work on together. 
Whatever happens in life Twilight your father will always be your father. He hasn’t made a good job of it so far but he has to live with the consequences of his actions.
I think the slender thread that you keep alive between you is great. You must be one of the few things he can be proud of and although maybe he doesn’t deserve to feel so, as you have had to create your own happiness, it is good for him to see you doing so well.  It might make it possible for him, one day, to make his own bucket list.  Certainly you will be giving him more of the right support by being the amazing woman you are, without pandering to his addiction in any way.
He can change Twilight and if he does you will be a key factor, your strength and courage will be a beacon for him and he will keep seeing your light even in his darkest moments. You are credit to yourself. 
Through this site we know that we can only control our own lives and it is up to us to look after those lives. We are all embarking on a new year and along with you I plan to make 2012 better than 2011. I too have a bucket list – it has changed over the years (I have taken the bungey jump off) but it is one I am happy wth.   I wish you and your daughters so much happiness – you have embraced the ethos of this site and you, in your turn, have added to it over and over. Your posts are a joy to read and I look forward to many morning moments with you before you leave for work,to hear your progress and to watch as you support others with your inimitable syle.