Hi Twilight,
I wish you a very happy New Year.  You cant change your dad, you can only change yourself, but you already know that….
I too am embarking on what i am going to call "the quest" in 2012.  i am going to be happy.  Im not too sure how im going to do that apart from the usual exercise (i have stopped smoking so thats a start)….but im looking to do something more.  I feel im going through the motions of life and its passing me by.  Time to take the reins and really do something, if only i could work out what that something was…lol.
Anyway, wanted you to know i read your post and i wish you every happiness.  I look forward to reading what 2012 will bring to your life.
Lots of love, Kathryn xxxTo live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan