Hi dadda,
I have read your posts and am so glad that you are here and posting and that you are feeling a little bit better in your last post.  Your situation sounds challenging beyond belief AND you sound very strong and clear, despite the exhaustion. 
Keep posting and receiving support!  I imagine that it must feel compelling to look to the big picture and try to find answers and solutions as to why the support isn’t as it should be for those ravaged by this addiction, and possibly, as you mention, other mental health issues.  I too often want to take on the world and solve the problem at its root, rather than just staying focused on myself.  If I have missed this entirely, and it is not true for you, please disregard.  If it is true, I too encourage you to stay focused, for now, on you and to continue seeking and getting the support you need to get strong and into a more stable financial position…then, when you are back on your feet you can decide whether/if and how to contribute to tackling the bigger issues at hand.  I hope I have not overstepped with my thoughts.
A few years ago, with this addiction, I found myself having to untangle and business situation in order to stabilize my financial life.  I had come across some information on ‘high conflict people’ and a lawyer that wrote a fair bit about it – can’t remember the name at the moment, but you may find some helpful information if you google…it helped me to read as it acknowledged my situation and gave some ideas on how to deal with it.
Thinking of you and sending you strength.  xx