Now that I have all the barriers possible in place, and all his gambling debts are tied to the bank account that is only in his name, I no longer react to his gambling: Most of it I’m not even aware of.
I have finally managed to stand back and let him fall (keeping myself protected as much as much as possible).
 I have just learned that my CG is now blacklisted from the payday loan places and wherever else he has been getting his gambling money because he is not able to make the promised repayments. (I stand firm in my vow to refuse paying his debts until he is committed to recovery.)
His credit is tanking, and not having cash or cards has caused a number of inconveniences and discomfort for him (not me).
While this is not a situation I could have imagined for us 6 months ago, today I am accepting it as where we are right now. This allows ME some measure of peace and it seems his predicament is giving him reason to consider doing something different.
So for today, this is working for me, and today I am more hopeful for him. I will think about tomorrow … well, tomorrow.
"… should I give up or should I just keep trying to run after you when there’s nothing there?"  Adele on writing Chasing Pavements
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