Hi Looby
That is not the update I wanted to hear and never could be.
Looking for positives – you are right he has not gone underground and you are not left wondering if…..
He is aware of what he has to do and you are right, highlighting that his behaviour is the cause of his situation is a waste of your energy – far better spent living your life.     
I know that regardless of what you say, this will have affected you somewhat because you are not hard.   It is another disappointment for you but probably an on-going one for him. 
Go on holiday and have a ball – your son is choosing to follow his idea of having a good time and he must be the one to carry his burden further.
I am glad you were able to have a conversation where you were able to remind him that he ***** to commit his life to being gamble-free or his sad state will carry on – somewhere, sometime the messsage will reach the point that other messages seem to have missed because he didn’t want to hear them.      
You are standing firm which is the best thing you can do for your son – he has to make ‘his’ choice in his time.