Hi Looby,
You can hijack my thread anytime!  🙂  I enjoy the company and the words of encouragement.
I’m glad things are going smoothly with your son, and that you can look forward to seeing him soon when schedules work out for everyone.  His enthusiasm for your anniversary dinner seems encouraging.
It really does sound like you have a lot on your plate with your brother in law.  I’m glad that you are getting regular visits in and hopefully that will help ease some of the shock of it progressing so quickly.  I agree, it does put things into perspective when we see how fragile life really is.  Sending you lots of hugs.
I hope things aren’t too rough with your daughter.  Some***** its challenging with our children as we want to help and don’t know how, and other ***** its just downright annoying as they need to figure it out for themselves and are wobbling about noisily in the meantime – I certainly never wobble about noisily :S.  xx