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colin in brum

Hi Nettie and welcome to the forum.  Im sure you will be reading a lot you will relate to on the other threads here.  You will also be reading the success stories – what are they doing that you can apply to your own situation?
Promised not to go to the casino?  I made those sort of promises lots of ***** – some***** I even meant them!  It’s a tough addiction though and ***** more than words and promises to tackle it.
Theres no reason for your boyfriend to believe any promises now – how about if you ask him to go along as morla support whne you get yourself banned from that casino?  How about you ask him to drive you to your first Gamblers Anonymous meeting?  Actions speak louder than words and the actions that will helps you stop gambling are the same actions that will help you rebuild trust etc with your b/f.  keep posting and let us know what positive actions you are taking.