Hi Shelly
If you could take it all on board so quickly Shelly I would be gobsmacked.  It is difficult not to rush someone to the end of their book without allowing them to read all the chapters on the way to make sense of the end. 
You have been married for 31 years and there is a possibility your husband has gambled all that time and you didn’t know he had an addiction, possibly didn’t know that such an addiction existed.
I took months to even believe the existence of this addiction and even longer to believe that it was the cause of my CG’s misery and destructive behaviour.  
If you look at how long you have lived with your husband’s addictive behaviour, you cannot expect to get your head round it in a couple of days.
What is important is that you don’t feel as down as you did at the weekend.   You have started on ‘your’ journey to recover the person that is you and to retake control of your life.