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Originally posted by theForsakenOne

  So help me GOD!After 8 years I"ll finally quit(only GOD knows how many ***** I"ved said this)but this time is for real,I"m saying this whith tears in my eyes thinking of all the love ones I caused pain.I"m only 25 got the whole life ahead of me,I know its gonna be hard from now on but I have to prove to myself that I can do it.Thats it I"ve closed the door.I have to thank the people on this site for giving me hope,strenght.I read story"s from people who gambled for 10,20,30 years lost thousand of £,$,etc.,selfrespect,…and I"m saying to myself "I don"t want to end up like that".So thanks alot guys.I"ll keep in touch because its one thing to say it and one thing to do it.Thank you and GOD BE WHITH US ALL!!!!!!!!1111

i am really happy to c you here my friend and much more happy about your desision I have not gamble from 9/08/2010 nearly 2 weeks .
and i am going to gordon house for helm tomarrow .the onlything i want to say is that about 3 weeks ago i found this site and i start to have a chat with one of this site advicer and he told me that i need help to quit my gambel problem i did not accept him and i start stupidly to denay which i need help .i told him i:i beleive human can do everything he want.
still i think if we make desision we can do everything we want but w,we need help we need help pf otheres and the main desision about quiting gambeling is to seek for help and accept that we need other helps
please go to meeting and stay strong here
good luck and all the besthamed