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Hi Phillip,
I read your posts and can relate very much to how you are feeling.  I live in Wisconsin and had no trouble self-banning from the 2 I am banned from.  The one, I had to go to and follow the procedure explained in an earlier post…meeting the security person and filling out a form.  The second one, I e-mailed.  They sent me the form and I had to fill it out and send a copy of my drivers license.  If you go after you self-banned, they will arrest you for trespassing.  If you are a quiet person, as am I, that would be devastating!! I have had enough trouble with gambling, no need to bring the law into it.  Self-banning is the best deterent I have found to stop gambling and obsessing about going to the casino.
Mind you, this has been a work in progress for me.  I have been self banning and building more and more barriers over the last 2 years.  Change hurts and sometimes does not stick the first time.  If you are determined, you will keep plugging away and will find what works for you.  My first barrier was not carrying any checks with me.  That was the way I could get the most cash at the casino.  I then graduated to no debit card, having my cash availability removed from my credit card and so on.  I also have a friend hold about half of my money each month so I am not tempted to gamble with it.
Your comment about everything else being boring really struck a chord with me.  I just said that to a friend about a month ago.  I read a post or an article about how our brains get addicted to excitement or the thrill we get from gambling.  It is true, for me, that those feelings fade with time away from it.  You are the only one that can control what you do.  It is a huge freedom we have until we abuse it.  Stop letting gambling control you.  You can do it, I know you can!
Take care of yourself first.  LisaNot Gambling…one day at a time