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I know exactly what you are going through. I’m almost in your exact same shoe.  I’m 34, but not married and do not have kids, but I’m making good money, but this disease is keeping me from making major advancements in my life.  I wanted to get married and to purchase a house, but gambling has prevented me from doing that.  I make about 80-90K a year as well and it kills me everytime I think about how much i’ve lossed.  My last wager was about 45 days ago and even though I stopped for the moment, I know that the urge will continue probably till the day I die.  I recovered from my last relapse, but I know will get tempted to go back to my old bad habits of gambling.  I believe it is a diease that can not be cured, but it could be surpressed. 
These were the steps that I took, but it is surely not full proof.
1. Started to attend a GA meetings once a week for the past 6 weeks.  It is great to be around people that know what you are going though. 
2. Admitted to my GF that I was a compulsive gambler and that she ***** to monitor my finances.  Give your wife or someone that you really trust to oversee your finances.
3. Banned myself from Casinos that are local.
4. Stopped watching any sports related tv or games (If this applies to you)
5. Spend more time with family and friends so that you do not get the urge to gamble.
I noticed that when I did those things my life improved dramatically.  This diease is not easy to remedy, but once you start to accept and admit that you are in fact a compulsive gambler you will start the healing process.