Thanks so much Monique for your response.
I do feel guilty for checking up on his account. Months ago the laptop’s battery went so he did not log out of one of his accounts and I did look at his account summary which was the first time I realised or accepted a problem. I have not confessed that I have accessed his account but could see money transfers from the bank account. I spoke to him about the money transfer and he did admit he was betting more than he liked and was sorry and swore it would not happen. A couple of months later I noticed the money transfers again and spoke to him again and he admitted it again and said he did stop the first time I spoke to him about it. I have sporadically checked his online account and did not check it in months however work situations etc are changing so I decided I better have a look and was absolutely shocked to see the debt has gone up nearly four fold and he seems to be losing 10K a month and places about 60 -100 bets a day. They seem to be small enough but the losses add up! When I asked him about his online betting he said he has stopped. He has maxed out 2 credit cards and has a personal loan that was supposed to pay the credit card debt! We have a family and our future to consider. Will keep the calm attempts at conversation going and hope he will open up. I naively hope that he can realise the extent of his betting and can stop before it gets any worse. I can accept that what is already done is done but don’t think he is ready or willing to talk so am afraid it will continue.