Dear San
‘As far as you know he has no place to stay, no money and no food’ – you imagine the worst because you think logically and imagine how you would feel if you were in the shoes of your loved one – but it is not possible when the person you love’s mind is distorted with addiction.  
I wish your son a goodnight too and pray that he will be safe and set your mind at rest soon.   Sadly, I am sure that tonight he will be thinking only of himself and your peace of mind will be far from his thoughts.  
You have done amazingly well today – I know it is easier for me to make suggestions than it is for you to follow the suggestions through.  
I hope you sleep well tonight.   Think about the son who has just been to see you when you close your eyes and know that he ***** his mum to be strong – all your children look to you for strength and you are showing it.
One day at a time is all anybody can cope with
Speak soon