I imagined ‘the worst’, woke up several ***** in the night. Then received the first text of many today, saying he had slept in a park and been bitten to death! Over the course of the day he tripped himself up and told me he caught a bus today (which means in slept in a bed), the family he is staying with gave him money he has to pay back (he has money) is now talking about gambling his last euro in the casino and is NOW in a panic over how he is going to get back to the place tonight and pay these kind people back. Expects me to pay for a hotel for him and get money to him. I am worn out by his constant texts today. I’ve been on my own, out with a friend. Didn’t want to bother my friend with my cg’s problems and haven’t even explained to my partner what’s been going on today. The lies I expect/accept and find it very sad. Sad that so much energy has been used by him to come up with the lies and me in believing them to begin with. I am not playing these games, my phone is going off and I’m going to ignore him for now because I am worn out and desperately need some sleep tonight. Slowly I’m waking up to the nature of the beast. I’ve just heard that Bernie Nolan has lost her fight against cancer and this news has hit me hard. I have another scan at the end of the month to see what my own cancer is doing.