Dear San It is sad to hear about the death of Bernie at only 52. It reminds us once again how precious is each day that we have. We can’t always have sunshine and laughter, but we try to make the best of what we have.
 I can feel your exhaustion and I would agree with you that it will be good to switch off that phone and look after yourself now.
It can be difficult to know when to share your experiences with a friend – but if it is a good relationship with some depth, it can help to be honest and accept support from that friend.
If you KNOW they won’t be able to support without judgment, of course it is not much use, but if it is someone who cares about you, perhaps you do not need to ‘pretend’ these things are not happening in your life? You don’t need to share every detail, but it can be a relief just to describe briefly what YOU are going through. Whatever your choices, look after YOU. And I wish you well.
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