Update … I haven’t been able to get to the group this week but wanted to let you know I went for my scan this week and everything is good. The lymphoma is still ‘inactive’ and there are no new sites. So its all good 🙂 hoping it will be 6 months before I get scanned again but if it’s 3 so be it. I’ve also been for a job interview and go for a week’s trial very soon. AND England retained the Ashes!! One very happy ***** this end. Just wanted to show people that life goes on and once you can clear your head of the ‘addiction’ it allows other things to enter your life. And my cg? I am really taking a ‘back’ seat and letting him come to me. He has asked me to send him money to help him out but I still say NO and he now backs off straight away. I am trying very hard not to talk about gambling at all with him and when he starts to go ‘down’ in the conversation I bring it right back up. For example he has just been paid and is already saying he only has 20 pounds left for next week after paying his bills and all his debts. I turned it round by saying he has paid all his debts off this week, owes no one anything and he has 20 pounds left and how lucky he was. Taking one day at a time.