Hi Dadda
Unfortunately the US divorce laws and courts are not part of the territory for me.  
Twilight has experience of courts in the US and as she has written she had successfully represented herself.  I do remember Twilight’s posts before these hearings and I think she was feeling as helpless as you are now but she came out fighting and as you can read – she succeeded.    
You are trying to cope with so many different angles and I can only suggest that you take each problem separately and deal with just that one before moving on to the next.   Taking one step at a time is a well-known expression on this site and it does make a difference.  
I am not opting out Dadda.   I hope that by bringing you back up to the top of the forum that maybe some of our US members might have some answers for you but your problems are legal and this site has to deal with what it knows and that is the addiction to gamble. 
I wish you and your daughter well