Dear Dadda
It is good to hear from you again and that you have found encouragement in the replies you got here.
I’m glad you found something positive to hang on to amongst all the ‘battles’ you are facing, too.  The whole ‘system’ nationally (in your country and over here) can indeed make us VERY angry.  However, I think I agree with Velvet that we probably can’t afford to use up our energy on being angry with the system, while we have so much to do to survive well ourselves. (Not her words, but my understanding of what you are probably getting at!)  There IS a role for campaigners for reform, and they deserve our support, but we need to be safe and strong ourselves, as a priority.  Being angry all the time can sap our energy, which we need to survive and rebuild.  (Having said that, I know some people are energized by campaigning, but it sounds like you need to look after yourself and your daughter, taking one step at a time.)
So I hope you can find your inner calm and hope to move forward safely and steadily.
Again, I send you my warmest wishes,