m babz

Sorry dawn 22 I think I didn’t express myself well in regards to the control part of the post. I meant me taking control of the situation as a whole in how it affects my life rather than leaving him with his father who could manipulate my husband and thus change how things are dealt with such as covering up the issue rather than dealing with it and teaching him to become more deceitful. I am glad to hear feedback from you all because I was starting to wonder if perhaps I was actually wrong and my fil approach was right. I do not know what the future will hold for us and if my cg is telling the truth or what I want to hear. I do not know what to do. The first time I tried your suggestion of not “policing” all his Internet and banking because I was really sick throughout the pregnancy and it was hard enough with work, a child and a house to keep without basically having another child to deal with. Because of that approach the blame has been shifted to me this time in that I have been told if I had been keeping control of the financial aspect of our lives and monitoring Internet history etc it wouldn’t have happened. My fil has also told me that it is my responsibility to take over my cgs account, Internet etc. I feel like I have done nothing wrong and have been given another responsibility to add to my already abundant list of duties