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Hi Diva,
I have worn those shoes you are wearing right now and let me tell you-they HURT!
Keep banning until you head gets it-GAMBLING IS NOT AN OPTION! Work on that list Diva, of why you Can’t gamble-not just why you don’t want to. The cg in us says I don’t want to loose my money (but maybe I can "win" some back")-the REAL person that we are deep inside knows that money must be spent on survival-rent, phone, food, gas, etc. It takes quite a while for money to mean something more than a means to gamble. That is insane-but that is what it is.
I banned the state of Indiana first. I kidded myself into believing that I would not gamble in Illinois because I couldn’t smoke there. That lasted a couple of weeks. I slipped and banned Illinois in the same week. I was good a couple months then I ran 1 & 1/2 hours to Michigan. When I got 90 days "clean" the second time around I gave myself a Christmas gift early- I banned Michigan..
We are pro’s at setting our selves up for failure. Every "slip" I had I planted the seed days even week ahead of time. When you get some clean time going you will get a better perspective of what is going on.
I am still friends with my ex gambling buddy but I had to set some  ground work. IF she gambles she is not to mention it to me. Gambling talk is off limits. GA suggests we stay away people who gamble. It’s not a bad suggestion but somehow not always practical. When people and customers inquire about my gambling-everyone knew I liked to gamble-I tell them I don’t gamble anymore-it just doesn’t pay. Most people will leave it at that. The less that people engage in gambling talk the better it is for me. The cg in me LOVES to hear those stories, so I avoid it.
Stay strong Diva! You are so worth it!