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Hi Lily
I’m so glad you posted!
Reading much of your post is like the story of my own experience – & as you probably also think when reading others posts about their experiences with an active CG it is uncanny how similar our dealings are.
I was totally blown away when I came accross this site to read others posts literally say what I was thinking – wow did I begin to feel sane then!!!!- it is the first time I truly began to understand this very sad addiction – & also the first time I began to truly come to peace with my own decision like you to leave my active CG –
Like your story Lily, having spent time with an active CG spouse we do come out emotionally battered & bruised, & as in my case pretty much in financial ruin!! but I’ve no regrets – today I am so relieved I had the courage to go it alone & not accept that the addiction continue to control my life.
Step by step we can rebuild our finances (without the burden of an active CG draining funds) – & one day at a time we can rebuild our lives – for us & for the better of our childrens future.
We have to come to the acceptance that we are not responsible for the CG – or their recovery, we are responsible only for our own personal recovery.
So, thanks again for your post – we are no longer victims to gambling addiction & that is worth celebrating!
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel even if sometimes you have to try really hard to see it!– 25/08/2010 14:03:50: post edited by movedon.