Hi Lily, welcome to this site! I agree this site has been so helpful. It has really given my life back. I know without it I wouldn’t have been able to really stay firm to my true desire to break away from my cg (father) and live a normal and happy life without the great support of GT.I
really really really believe your strength and perserverance to break ties with your cg has provided your child with a much better future. I know all to well how it was to live with my cg father for most of my life. He eventually drained me not only financially but mentally and emotionally. My life was pure torture, always wondering when he would come around and want something from me and I just didn’t have it in me at the time to say no to him and would enable him. However my life is much different now, I haven’t spoken to him close to two years.
I agree with you when you said, you are not sure if you can forgive your cg behavior because I feel the same way about my cg. I have come to understand the addiction of gambling but with the knowledge of it I also believe it is the responsibility of the cg to seek help. I know I wlll never have a realtionship with my father if he keeps denying his gambling addiction. He has two beautiful granddaughters who I won’t allow him to see. It just can’t stomach him trying to con his granddaughter for his gambling. I honestly don’t hold it past him. We know a cg will resort to desperate measures, so the fact remains he still is in denial about his gambling.
It is great you are now posting now. I know other members will be grateful for your wisdom and strength.
Have a great evening!